Qwest is a Mess!

Qwest can’t get themselves turned around, that much is clear. If it wasn’t to you yet, then the news that they are gouging their customers should clue you in.

The fact that they stuff the charges into their TOCs (which they know nobody will read anyway) is as good a reason as any to throw fuel on the flames here. Telcos never could stand the competition, which is why most of their services are regulated/tariff supported. When competition did arise, many of them wound up resorting to fraud to make their numbers. Ripping off customers is not a good business model – it never was, and never will be – which is why you should check Broadband Reports for alternatives to Qwest, at a vendor near you.


Seems it took just a few days for Qwest to capitulate, but then again, mass revolt from users has a tendency to do that to a company.

***UPDATE 2***

As it turns out, Qwest hasn’t dropped the $5 per zombie spam message charge after all, so it is still a good idea to migrate to a less egregious broadband provider.

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