Relaxing on the “big company” thinking

I see and hear a lot of pitches from budding entrepreneurs. No matter whether they are just full of themselves or truly genuine, they all seem so excited about all the revenue opportunities that exist in their business plans. I tell them, be careful. Doing one thing very well is almost always preferred to doing everything half-fast and nickel and diming your customers. There is plenty of opportunity all along the tail, if you execute with prudence and precision.

If you are lucky enough to do it right the first time, you will have choices down the road. You can then carefully test new offerings, accelerating if it works, and backing off quickly if it doesn’t. Or you can let the big boys, who buy your company so they can sell their myriad of products to your user base, deal with the dirty deed of trying to turn a creative exploit into a cash cow. If they start

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