Risk Averse, Or Too Many “Frontrunners”

It is awfully easy to placate the masses, run with the pack, find strength in numbers. But the moment someone on the fringe, who marches to the beat of a different drummer, takes the road less traveled (or what ever other cliche can be attributed to someone with a little vision and gumption) hits a homer, the “followers” come-a-running (like in the case of that friend of Hugh’s – see All The Time).

It’s very easy to get caught up in rationalizing on behalf of the majority–but it’s not always smart, and not always fair and not always right. You could also say it is nowhere near as fun, nowhere near as profitable, and is the happy reservation of spineless wanna-be’s that have no balls.

The risk averse almost never make the headlines, almost never retire early. I’ll take the underdog every time – they almost never have any regrets.

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