Thanks to newspapers, the Google PC never existed

A couple of days ago, while everyone was nursing their hangovers, the LA Times ran a piece that said Google would soon release their own branded PC in Walmart stores – everyone has since been abuzz. Interestingly, the people who have the most intelligent opinions about how the technology world works are quick to point out that cheap PCs have been tried before in the superchain (and failed), touting this whole scenario as an unlikely one.

Whether it happens or not doesn’t concern me – I don’t read any papers, and if I did I wouldn’t believe much that they say anyway. Traditional media is in flames, hampered by rising costs and nothing to say; they’re also being outed for plagiarizing the blogosphere. They don’t mind floating a rumor that might pump up a stock (at the time of this post, Google was up $6+). If the “news” turns out unfounded, they will whine that folks called them on it (something they didn’t have to worry about in the past), and the post will disappear into oblivion soon thereafter.


Newspapers just can’t help doing stupid shit, even in my neck of the woods. Case in point, a group of newspapers (including The Rocky Mountain News) get nabbed passing off old stories as new.

***UPDATE 2***

And the Google PC still doesn’t exist, at least not in the minds of anyone other than the LA Times (who I now think was just trying to drive some traffic their way).

Let’s count the days until the post disappears.

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