The End of Boredom, or Another Distraction

I’ve been through three iPods in my life, and pushed them away for the same reason. I can’t listen to music, in solitude, while I am boarding on a busy slope or getting a beer at the local pub. In fact, I can’t do it while reading, walking the dog, or even creating a spreadsheet model. I don’t mind listening to tunes doing all those things, but it is the encapsulation, the loss of a sense about the outside world, that bothers me.

Mark Cuban says its the coming age of the end of boredom, and Kottke notes numerous fun things you can do with your iPod, but I don’t get it.

It is another passive activity, like watching TV, that just doesn’t work well for me. LIke watching sport, games…something originally created to distract.

Participation is tantamount to living.

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