The Rush for Phone Records

I sit on the same side of the fence as everyone else who can’t believe that personal phone records are so easy to purchase. Techdirt Mike notes that Ameriblog just purchased the phone records of General Wesley Clark. It wasn’t done to cause harm, but to instead make a point.

It is a fricken NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE now! The “powers that be” in government (with, it seems, the lone exception being the Illinois legislature) are ignoring the issue. I am appalled by the disregard, and wonder why the phone carriers aren’t taking more heat. But there is no reason to whine.

All the attention is going to make the purveyors of these records a lot of money in the meantime, and money will wake people up. It is going to blow up in the carriers’ faces soon enough, and everyone already knows I think less than highly about carriers.

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