Time For Personal Blacklists?

I can’t really add much to Techdirt’s opinion on what is and isn’t spam – it is in fact a matter of perception.

But the underlying problem regarding blacklists does deserve some elaboration. When a blacklist adds a record because of just a few complaints, legitimate mailers to legitimate opt-in customers do get hurt. Unfortunately, the everyday Joe has neither the time, inclination, nor skills to manage a personal blacklist (whether it is implemented directly or by their email service provider). The issue deserves additional attention, I’m just not sure who is the right one for the job.


J.D. Falk says:

A “personal blacklist” is the kind of filtering we Internet users had to do in the early nineties, when e-mail spam was a new phenomenon.

Pretty soon we started sharing our best filtering ideas, taking advantage of each others’ research…and the entire anti-spam industry grew from there.


I still use a Sendmail reject list for certain free email account services I know are spammer havens – not fancy, but effective.


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