Too Much “Organization” Discredits The Political Blogosphere

The organization can be the formal courting of bloggers by a political party, or an informal network that simply reacts to incumbent manifestations.

It makes no difference – it is still obvious and enduring. The right moves ever further right, and the left moves ever further left. There is nothing but cross-talk within each particular group – a whole bunch of parroting of the exact same thinking. Even when the discussion makes a full-hearted effort at maintaining a middle ground, there is always someone ready and willing to shoot it down. It doesn’t follow this weeks talking points handout, so it is automatically bunk, and then the name calling starts.

What is most unfortunate is that when either far side’s “opinion generators” opens their mouths in the name of subject matter diversification, it is apparent there is little substance behind them. But they have their heads stuck so far up their asses, they don’t even realize how ridiculous they sound.

I for one am bored already, and the real elections are still almost three years away.


Somena Media thinks political blogs are a delusionally self-aggrandizing waste of time.

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