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Anyone who knows me, or just regularly reads this blog (which accounts for exactly two people, including myself), has already figured out that I wouldn’t plug a politician unless he was an otherworldly individual. Since those types of politicians are rarer than rubies, you guessed it – Robert Hamilton is anything but ordinary.

securitythreatfilms.jpgAnd by the way, niether are the folks who conjured him up!

Robert Hamilton is actually the creation of Security Threat Films in their latest project, Seclusion. The film was written, co-produced, and directed by one Mr. Steve Mudd, who I had the pleasure of meeting some months back at a pre-screening for the film. I was left wanting for more after viewing the clips, but that is not the whole story here.

Mr. Mudd put together Security Threat and Seclusion as a labor of love. He assembled the team, raised the cash, and got the project completed within extraordinarily tight time constraints…and on budget! I think the whole thing will bring new meaning to the old adage “do what you love, and the money will come.” The fact that Steve crunches numbers for a big company by day didn’t hurt either.

You can find out about release dates and so forth for Seclusion here. Meanwhile, Steve is now talking film and business over at the Security Threat Films blog.

Big production houses better “be afraid” – Steve Mudd and Security Threat Films are “ready.”

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