Zealots drive the anti-spyware community

Wendy Selzer proclaims she doesn’t like anti-spyware zealots, and is putting her backing behind the latest institutional effort. It is awfully easy to pump up a new initiative backed by big money and academic smarts, but StopBadware.org isn’t the end all, be all of anti-anything, and the effort isn’t exactly their sole brainchild either.

Like spam before it (long long before it), it was the anti-spyware zealots who were on the front lines, fighting the battle, and making everyone aware of its existence. It is about technology, not politics. It is obscure to most – it isn’t the core subject matter for talking heads on national television. The zealots brought the matter to the attention of “the man,” and they deserve a little more credit than Ms. Selzer is giving.

And don’t count on one organization to solve the problem either. Despite massive institutional intervention, I am getting more spam than ever.