Adware advertisers best ready for mugshots

And the FTC should get their lawyers ready as well.

Hot on the heals of academics and big internet companies banding together to out spyware makers, the FTC is proposing a little outing of their own. They want to publish the names of advertisers who covort with the former.

My take? I suspect it won’t be long before adware distributors are putting up deceptive product from non-existent big name clients just to steer the FTC into a bunch of lawsuits. The government thinks it is all goody two shoes, fun and games. Unfortunately, the space is still the wild, wild, west, and the bad guys are not going to fight fair. They have “affiliates” to hide behind and blame for any mishaps, and that is exactly what they will to do by pushing the FTC, and some big name litigants (and their attorneys), into each other’s crossfire.

Stay tuned.

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