Conflicting views on Mac insecurity news

The Register reports that the recently discovered threats are largely academic, noting too much interaction is needed on one, and that another was released as a proof of concept out of academia itself. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is all over the topic, quoting a Symantec engineer who is predicting a “gradual erosion” of OS X security as the platform continues its popularity climb.

No matter which way this issue heads, I’ll still be chuckling over one Slashdot commenter’s take on the WSJ position

“A Symantec engineer predicts a ‘gradual erosion’ of the idea that Macs are a safer operating system than Windows.

Now there’s a neutral party with no agenda when it comes to security!

Honestly, the worst Mac malware I’ve seen so far had a Symantec sticker on the box.”

This is what he was referring to.

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