E&Y laptop thefts not all alike

Ernst & Young has been waging a losing battle with laptop thieves. First they lost one that contained Scott McNealy’s SSN, and now four more machines have fallen prey.

On the first, the E&Y employee deserves a drubbing for leaving the machine in a car. That is just plain stupid. But regarding the laptops stolen from what I suspect was a client location, well that is another matter. The second incident is no different than the perps directly stealing a client’s machine out of an office cubicle, and no thief is really going to care much about a Kensington security cable – that is what wire cutters are for. If a consultant or auditor’s data trove isn’t safe in a client’s office, then the client has bigger fish to fry than E&Y.

Either way, however, E&Y does deserve whatever The Register dishes out for not disclosing the issue to affected parties in the first place.

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