Fear and lethargy regarding computer security

Techdirt points out that security firms have a real predicament on their hands – trying to balance the fear of security issues with the need to sell more software. The problem gets even bigger once software firms cry wolf too many times, then computer users quit worrying about the problems. That ignorance is just begging for a real disaster scenario.

But, are those that project an air of indifference to safety in their own little environs (i.e. Linux and OS X users) part of the lethargic crowd, or do they know something everyone else doesn’t?


I’ve been using a Macintosh since 1985 and…well, yes, I _do_ know something everybody else (seemingly) doesn’t, which is that unlike GatesOS, MacOS doesn’t come “out of the box” with its security defaults set to “trojan me, spam me, zombify me, r00t me, 0wn me”.

Mike, you are not alone.

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