Five digit comment spam strikes here

Peter Kaminski discovered folks spamming his weblog with strange messages and five-digit numbers a while back, and I am curious to know if anyone figured out what it all means. Spamroll has been receiving them for the last few days, and they look like this:

Commenter: Janet Ashlow
Comment: I can’t believe it, my co-worker just bought a boat for $76917. Isn’t that silly!

There are no links in the comments, so they don’t get bounced by normal spam filtering procedures. My suspicion is someone, someplace wants those words and numbers available for others to find, but unfortunately I am no puzzle solver – the tinfoil hat scrambles too many of my internal brainwaves. And don’t try using the one above to solve it – I changed much of the original comment, just to muck up the process (if there is one). Peter has plenty of examples here for anyone still interested in figuring it all out.

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