Gizmodo rubs Mac Trojan in Mac faces

The title of the post is “Mac Trojan Horse Appears: Ha!”

The author is anonymous, and that is probably a good thing too. After the snappy title, we get:

“If it is launched it requires administrator access before having the ability to install files, cause carnage, and duplicate itself by sending to your iChat buddy list. Suck on dem apples, Apple.”

Windows users only dream of having to jump through hoops to get a trojan horse installed. So much for editorial quality in a top ranked weblog.

Next up…”Linux users running 24/7 as root get infected by Chinese language skull-and-crossbones Perl script, after un-tarring, manually moving to aliased cgi-bin directory, and making it executable, all of which can only be done via remote terminal window, from IP address 999.999.999.999, with SSH.”

Oh, I forgot…….Ha!


Of course, Gizmodo isn’t the only one popping off. Sophos called a false positive on an OS X threat this week, but was humble enough to admit the mistake and move on.


InfoWorld is asking whether the latest “barrage” of news is “much ado about nothing,” noting that many of these reported “extremely critical” threats are anything but. Maybe we should start considering lazy reporters an “extremely critical” threat.

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