Google tool does present security risk after all

I must admit I have a real problem with third-party desktop search tools. I don’t care who it is distributing it, the bottom line is they can and will be used to send data elsewhere, whether it is the sites you browse (for the purpose of sending you relevant ads), or to cache the data on your machine for quick search (like Google does with its latest computer-to-computer implementation).

It therefore comes as no surprise that Gartner Group is warning on the dangers of the latest Google search tool. The idea that anyone would want anything personal sent elsewhere seems a bit ludicrous to me – the fact that someone would pitch a product that caches potentially sensitive data in a faraway place is a bit, no, more than a bit, arrogant. The fact that Google admitted the security risk just means they are keeping their heads about them, and hopefully preparing changes to the product before NOBODY goes rushing to use it.

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