Shutting down dissent from multiple angles

Whenever a group expends enormous amounts of time reinforcing their own line of thinking, you know there is trouble afoot. The political blogosphere may spend more time than any (with the exception of technology, of course) yacking about their own ideas, and the lineup has long since lost its credibility.

Now those sacred cow circles are are marching on legislation, which means we all have trouble. It is not as if “the left” is alone in this line of thinking. The right-leaning powers that be are attacking free-speech ideals as well (or, at least they are preparing to attack them).

Both sides ignored internet grassroots initiatives (including the concept of personal publishing) until it was too late. Then they claimed the moves were their idea (think Howard Dean). They banded their cohorts together, but unfortunately neither side is going to listen to the other whether the debate is on Sunday morning television, or on Movable Type. Some of those groups (thing MoveOn) have shown they can rally a lot of those troops and raise a lot of money for causes. Hence, time to restrict the funding for political causes.

It may not seem like a bad thing to everyone. I am sure there are a lot of people wishing they could cut thought the noise (which is all politics really is anymore), and understand the root of the issues we face. For legislators, they can only reach for what they have control of, and that is customized laws to suit their whims, even if it is damaging in the long run.

Worse of all, this will do nothing except leave those in the middle sitting at home on polling day. And that is the most frightening dissent of all.

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