Simple phone tech thwarts government eavesdropping

If the telecomm industry wanted to get a leg up, they should have thought about partnering with real innovators in the industry long ago. Instead, they sat on their uncreative behinds, and let companies like Skype run right over them. Skype fetched a multi-billion dollar purchase price via eBay not too long ago – not bad for a company without any copper lying behind the walls.

Now it seems the product might just be capable of making the Bush Administration, the NSA, and whomever else is lying in wait to douse basic personal privacy, look like the same asses the telecomm executives resemble now. The free product is being called a hell of a way to thwart eavesdropping – the software uses strong encryption, which has been available for things like email for some time, but a little more difficult to apply to voice communications due to the need for “devices” at both ends of the call. The free software is that “device.”

You can bet Skype/eBay executives will be getting hauled in front of Congress any day now to explain.


Village Voice notes that it is only a matter of time before hackers beat up on Skype’s voice encryption (via VoIP Watch), so you better get those double-super-secret calls in quick.


Spamroll says:

Gov’t agencies now cooperating on threat education

The Federal Trade Commission, in collaboration with Homeland Security, the Postal Service, the Department of Commerce, and the SEC, has launched a new website called OnGuard Online to educate computer users about security threats. Spyware, spam, phishi…

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