Skiing, Spam and Spyware

What do they have in common? Dale Begg-Smith, recent winner of a gold medal in Olympic moguls competition, thats what.

Begg-Smith is known for his success with internet related projects, and is now being heavily questioned regarding their potential improprieties. Brian McWilliams digs deeper into the story, and thinks the issue might just be worthy of a little more investigation (by the IOC, that is).

To me, it sounds a bit snowy, as in the kid is letting the business go to pursue other interests (which he is obviously excelling at). It happens – someone takes savvy from one arena to another, and continues to perform above par. Unless the kid has done something illegal (or, is still involved in shady dealings), it might be worth letting this sleeping dog, well, sleep. If the former is the case, well, the kid is about to learn the old adage regarding protecting your reputation at all costs. In Begg-Smith’s case, however, the cost may be no more than the keys to a Lamborghini.


kristen jones says:

You all should screw off Dale did what he had to get by. He dosnt even drive a lambourgini, thats another rumor made up by the press just like this spam thing

I suggest Kristen actually reads the post, before spouting off. As I said, if the kid hasn’t done anything wrong, then leave it be. Unfortunately, McWilliams’s write-up doesn’t bode well for Dale. And uninformed commentary doesn’t lend much of a hand either. Necessity is not the mother of unethical (or illegal) actions.

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