US Gov’t tests cybersecurity and “shut-up” power

A pack of US Government agencies, along with a couple of states, performed a mock attack to test their internet security readiness.

Some of the critical points of contact – power grids, financial systems, and…..bloggers. The government wants to make sure the bloggers can’t spread misinformation. Hmm. That portion of the exercise is rumored to have included testing a system to close comments on major media’s blogs when the miscreants call those authors on the carpet. But again, that is just rumor.


ohyea says:

I hear they are just trying to block the commenters from dailykos and talking points memo.

Thought Market says:

Shutting down dissent from multiple angles

Whenever a group expends enormous amounts of time reinforcing their own line of thinking, you know there is trouble afoot. The political blogosphere may spend more time than any (with the exception of technology, of course) yacking about their own…

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