VoIP security questioned, without answers

Internet “security experts” are warning that VoIP calls are less secure than traditional landlines. One notes that the next generation of spam will be through your VoIP voicemail, while another says not to accept calls from strangers.

I already get five plus “unwanted” voicemails a day from people I barely know, and yes, I am a VoIP user. But I get just as many on my cell. Why? Because I give out my business card every now and then! Call them “strangers” if you must, but I received five times that number of voicemails from folks when I did have a landline (although being too lazy to add my number to the do-not-call registry probably contributed to that).

“Don’t talk to strangers” is something I learned in kindergarten – its poorly crafted FUD if I do say so. If someone can show me a proof of concept on a VoIP privacy hack, I’ll stand corrected.

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