Widespread panic about to ensue over email “postage”

postage.jpgAOL (and Yahoo) are about to implement Goodmail sender payment systems into their email, and it has already been noted that individuals have little to fear – the process is for bulk mailers. Invariably, there will be a few delivery problems, but the onus will be on Goodmail and their clients to figure this out. Or, users will simply go to another provider.

Unfortunately, the news will probably cause more problems than the system, as people will misinterpret it as a hit on them. Why do I think this? Because the news is traveling fast – I get this, this, this, this, this, and this in my “inbox” on SuperBowl Sunday.


It isn’t about to ensue – it already has. From the “inbox” – eleven more reports on impending doom, although only one really cut to the chase.

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