Claria “restructures” adware business

According to a report circulating the AP wire, Claria (formerly Gator) is exiting the adware business. They’ve hired Deutsche Bank Securities to “sell” that business. They want to concentrate their efforts on something called “PersonalWeb,” which is driven by their “new ad network,” aptly named “BehaviorLink”.

How are they going to make these new and different personal and behavioral things happen ever so wonderously, now that they are disposing of their adware business? According to Techdirt, with new, but not so different, software installs that track your surfing habits, thats how.

Sounds to me like spin, ala 180Solutions, all over again.


Michael: Thanks for taking the time to write about our announcement from yesterday. There are a lot of things happening at Claria, and we are indeed exiting the adware business. We will sell the GAIN assets or exit the business entirely by end of Q2. There is a ClickZ article that provides a pretty good synopsis of our plans found at

Thanks again,

Joe Seither, Claria

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