Feds stepping in on paid email? Uh oh.

It started as a fight against spam and phishing, and turned in to a barnstorm of protest. I comment on the matter, and it isn’t hard to tell from said comment that I am an advocate of freedom of choice (and easily annoyed by whining disguised as action). So be it.


When I hear that the government may intervene on an issue regarding that choice (even a hint) the suspicion radar gets a few extra watts pumped into it. The Red Herring noted that the feds may wind up the “broker” on the paid email issue, I consider it as good a time as any to start thinking strategically. The cynic in me says someone is about to get hosed.

Instead of rallying, protesting, and threatening boycott, it is time to think about alternatives (and quickly – before the door shuts in your face).

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