Goodmail seems disinterested in big payoff

Many are calling the AOL/Goodmail partnership just another way for big corporate to make big moola off little guys and gals. If this is so, then I have to ask why Goodmail is rejecting up to 75% of its Certified Mail applicants?

Or is that news just propaganda?


Of course, we are interested in a big payoff; it’s our duty to our shareholders. The point is that if you indiscriminately certify *all* mail, there is no value in certification. Most of the rejected applicants are legitimate companies with too aggressive mailing practices. You can only build value in CertifiedEmail if recipients recognize CertifiedEmail messages as safe and wanted. Hence the upfront accreditation procedure before a sender gets to send his first message, and the ongoing complaint monitoring process of CertifiedEmail senders.

Daniel Dreymann, Goodmail Systems

The title could have been more like “Goodmail seems uninterested in indiscriminate payoff.” My bad.

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