How to get your ass kicked by some VoIP geeks

First step, go to a big voice-over-IP industry conference (in this case, VON) disguised as a telco executive. Then, tell everyone at the conference you are in favor of a two-tier internet, just don’t say it too loud. Beat around the bush with comments like:

“A content provider is a customer. If they want to buy bandwidth, we want to sell.”

And follow that up with:

“If they don’t want to buy, they don’t have to.”

After you’ve set the crowd into raging frenzy, ask them all out for drinks, but propose exiting through a back door that leads to a dark alley. A solution for your insolence will present itself forthwith.

As an aside, I am still trying to figure out what all those “content providers” are actually paying for, when they send in those checks for the pipes they are using now.

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