Insy binsy virus went up the..

Stop. This virus stuff is supposed to be serious.

Some researchers have discovered it is possible to put viruses on RFID tags. Instead of worrying that Walmart knows about your dollar DVD obsession, you can now fret about how all your luggage will wind up in the wrong airport carousel.

For true fear and loathing in 128 bit chunks, read more about these researchers’ “real world” threat examples, which include carrying “hacked” chunk style peanut butter around in your back pocket, and (who could forget) the rogue kitty cat destroying veterinary clinic databases across the globe.

I will never sleep again.


I don’t care how benign the RFID industry thinks this “threat” is – beware of crunchy peanut butter eating felines (particularly if you find them in your luggage)!


Sensationalist indeed.

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