Latest “Death Of Spam” Prediction?

I am not sure if Guy Kewney is trying to one-up Bill Gates, or leave readers’ heads spinning, but the point of this post doesn’t match the title. Maybe sensationalism at work, because the feed hit my aggregator forthwith.

Yes, it will mean that people will send advertising to you; but the problem with advertising isn’t just “it’s advertising!” – it’s the amount.

One advert a day, I probably won’t notice. It’s three hundred a day that makes email unmanageable; and no marketing operation can afford to send three hundred emails to every user on the planet every day, if it costs on a per-mail basis.

If Goodmail changes advertising from 300 a day to one a day, then nobody will mind. If paid-for mail still runs at 300 a day, people will drop AOL and other Goodmail customers, and move to other ISPs who don’t allow it.

Sounds like someone is under the impression that the Goodmail method creates an open door to “” to spam anyone and everyone.

Then again, maybe my reading comprehension skills have just gone to shit.


J.D. Falk says:

Sounds to me like Guy is assuming that somehow ALL commercial e-mail will be required to go through Goodmail…which is wrong, of course. If we could manage to get ALL commercial e-mail to go through one path, the spam problem would’ve been solved a decade ago.


That is the way it has been with the whole Goodmail/AOL campaign. Enormous misunderstanding, agenda-laden FUD, and a whole lotta followers jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of some cause. I feel sorry for the PR folks at Goodmail and AOL – I’ll bet they haven’t seen their families in weeks!

No, your reading skills haven’t gone to shit; this is, in fact, what many of the denizens of have feared — that the “mainsleazers” will figure out a way to foist just such a solution onto mail users and admins — basically, as you mentioned, “” will be able to shove their crap past the filters and into peoples’ inboxes.

I think the whole brouhaha over the “email tax” is entirely misdirected, especially when they’re not charging “Joe User” to send or receive email; that energy would be better spent asking why AOL makes such a big deal about protecting users against spam and then making a deal with an outfit that will charge “mainsleaze” companies a bribe…uh, a fee…to beat the spam filters.

My question is: will users still be able to flag the “paid” spam as spam, or will the “this is spam” flag be disabled? That’s what’d piss me off.

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