Mark Cuban Catches “Spam”

According to a post by the Dallas Mavs/HDNet owner, Common Cause has been spamming him plenty since he suggested that the idea of a two-tier internet might have some value.

This scenario doesn’t pass the smell test.

Let me first point out that I do not agree with the two-tier concept, but I do not agree with the DearAOL campaign either. Common Cause is part of the DearAOL group. And Cuban and Common Cause don’t agree with each other.

Timely, isn’t it? A very prominent guy gets spam from an organization that is part of a very prominent fight against a very prominent ISP. This is either a big joe job, or a very prominent ISP is now going to be saying “I told you so.”


Brian McWilliams is following up with this, noting that Kintera is managing Common Cause’s lists. Interested to hear how this all plays out.

***UPDATE 2***

I was giving Common Cause the benefit of the doubt here, hoping that the spam Mark Cuban was receiving was from some joe-jobber “acting on behalf” of Common Cause (likely to incite some community anger). As it is turning out, Common Cause, through this email form, may actually be enabling users to spam telecomm/media executives (including Cuban), while quietly building their own email list and opting folks into their newsletter.

Holding vigil against one ISP’s solution to a seemingly never-ending spam problem is one thing. But, utilizing spamming in your “Cause” is entirely another.

***UPDATE 3***

Mark Cuban confirmed via email it’s not a joe job.


Nadia says:

You are a real asshole. Why do you have it out for Common Cause and the rest?

On the first part, thanks for the reminder. As for “having it out,” you are more than a little off base. I don’t have it out for any organization (even the ones participating in the DearAOL campaign). It is the methods they employ that I disagree with. This latest issue with CC is not helping anyone – all it is going to do is destroy credibility, and exacerbate telco defensive mechanisms.

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