Numb to IE bugs

The Register notes that a new bug is out in the open, deemed critical to IE users.

It seems so long since I’ve heard that – a critical IE flaw. I don’t know if it is because of all the attention Firefox got, or the fact that everyone I know is running an alternative browser on Linux or OS X. Maybe I just thought people weren’t using IE anymore, or I just haven’t been paying attention. Geez, I don’t even think this page renders all that well on IE for Windows, and I just haven’t had the inclination to figure out how to fix it (although any thoughts on that sidebar indent issue would be appreciated).

See, its not that I don’t care – I think I’ve just grown numb to the idea of Internet Explorer problems. I wonder how many are in the same boat? I hope few, as complacency can be as dangerous as the bugs themselves.


And who is providing patches for the problems? Uh, someone other than Microsoft.

***UPDATE 2***

Even those outside vendors might have trouble – the malware keeps on coming.

***UPDATE 3***

Yet, third-party patches for zero-day exploits gain corporate support.

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