Out with the old, but the rules may still apply

Old media may have taken a liking to new media (think social networks and blogs), but according to some, they are still figuring out how to play nice in an ever shrinking sandbox.

If the continuing questioning of bloggers’ ethics is any indication (think journalistic integrity), maybe they have all already figured it out.

Of course, the fighting isn’t all over yet.


But, it seems the new can become old, and at an even faster pace than the old got there.

What is the use of a blog if bloggers are just going to copy sentences and sentiments from the puppetmaster’s email?

Retort from the commenter (and me)…

What is the use of a newspaper that just reports government press releases almost verbatim? Or a press release from any other source, for that matter.
What is the use of a television channel if it copies its programming from somewhere else? Or what is the use of television, period.
What is the use of a boy band just like every other boy band? There isn’t any use for any “boy band” if other than to empty a few teens pocketbooks.

The mainstream media and blogs are beginning to watch over each other reciprocally. This is a good thing. It means that if either lies or fucks up, the other pounces down its throat.

The jury is still out on that one.

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