Phish trumping humans in evolutionary progress

That’s correct – phish are getting smarter! It used to be that if you clicked on a phishing email, you were pointed to a site that tried to grab a username, password or some other identifying piece of data. The purveyors of said email and site would then run to the real site, and use that data to hijack your account, or take your money. Unfortunately for them, there are plenty of eyes watching for phishing sites, so they get shut down quickly. How does a phisher make a living now?

Well, they set up a pack of identical phishing sites across the globe, and centrally redirect the browser to whatever phish page is still running. Smart, very smart.

I am not complimenting insidiousness here, but simply the ingenuity. Goes to show you that despite what some folks might say about criminals being stupid, it is not always so – highlighting what a huge problem phishing really is.

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