Political internet ineptitude hits high note

If you thought the Executive Director of the Colorado Republican party needed help, get a load of this story out of Oklahoma City.

On resolution by the helpful, but hardly responsible, Linux developer Johnny Hughes (who by the way, deserves a medal for not walking down to the Tuttle City Manager’s office and knocking Jerry Taylor’s lights out), the vile bureaucrat couldn’t even admit how ridiculous he acted.

“I am sorry that we had to go through the process and accusations to get the problem resolved. It could have been resolved a lot quicker if the initial correspondence with you provided the helpful information that was transmitted in the last messages. My initial contact with VIDIA disallowed any knowledge of creating the problem.”

Read the whole email thread here. Absolutely hilarious, and a true reflection of the quality of human being that the kind, if overly patient, developer was dealing with.

So sad.


Not long ago (see the email thread linked to above) Mr. “Tuttle” Taylor was begging for the publicity. Now it seems he’d like it to stop. Hint: Jerry, if you just laughed about it and apologized to Mr. Hughes, all would be forgiven.


Apache raid in Oklahoma

Via Michael Gracie (Thought Market) comes the tale of Tuttle, OK City Manager Jerry Taylor and his heroic stand against the Apache…the CentOS Linux version of the standard preinstalled Apache default web page, that is.
The heartland turned vicious…

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