Someone is finally targeting IPv6

In the US, no less. A new firm Command Information, is promising a better internet by pushing the IPv6 standard. I can’t help but say its about time.

Getting up to snuff in this arena will bring the need for new hardware and software, and new human resources to bear. Many will say that the IP address they have now is good enough – “what do I need that for?” And I’ll say that is exactly the kind of thinking that will keep the US on a tech competitiveness losing streak. And for those that don’t believe that’s happening, just ask the software engineer who just lost out on a project to someone overseas. If you want to be at the forefront of technological advancement, you have to have the right tools. And the new IP addressing standard is one of them.

I might also say go do it yourself, but that would be a bit harsh, and more than a bit presumptuous.

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