Spam is a problem, and not exactly yours alone to solve

The new “spam gadget” being pitched here, called Spam Cube, might be nice. It might work. Great.

But saying that…

“Most solutions are software-based and run on your PC, requiring a yearly subscription licence”

…simply isn’t correct.

Most solutions run on (or rely on) the servers processing your email. Those solutions are managed by a bunch of folks that deserve big high-fives for keeping an extra million spams from hitting your inbox each day – a million spams that a desktop solution wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of thwarting.

Next sales pitch please.


Warren Lo says:

lol who the hell gets 1 million spams /day on their home computer?

I don’t know anyone who does 🙂 and if they do they should definitely delete that e-mail account!

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