Symbian phones subject to flexible spying

The Symbian part means phones like the Nokia 6682 I’m holding in my hand. The flexible part means the grip you have on it. If it is really flexible, someone could take that phone, install a spy program on it, and track all your mobile activity. FlexiSpy is being touted as a “tool to monitor kids and unfaithful spouses”, while F-Secure says it is a trojan plain and simple. Of course the company distributing the program denies the trojan label..

“FlexiSpy requires to be consciously installed and configured by someone, unlike a Virus or Trojan which spreads automatically without any action.”

Purposefully installing a keylogger on someone else’s computer is illegal, it is not? Technically a trojan or not, this sounds no different.


The website calls it spyware. Spyware. Huh.

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