Telcos back off, then go for the throat

The pressure against telco’s plans to charge content providers for access to their pipes (again), has made some headway. Instead of charging Google and Apple’s iTunes, they now want to charge their consumers different rates for access to those “premium” services.

Techdirt says variable rate pricing sounds eerily like the internet of old, which just didn’t work. The problem with this latest scenario is it is going to cost the telco’s big bucks to development the systems necessary to measure this partitioned usage, and the resulting costs of customer service, etc. will likely become a reason to charge even more (not that some of the big guys aren’t singing that song already). I guess they’ll start with outrageous rates for BitTorrent. I wouldn’t be surprised if RSS feed junkies are hit up next.

The irony of the situation is while groups like the DearAOL campaign fight tooth and nail with this single content provider for free access, the real screwing to the concept of an “open internet” is taking shape right under their noses.

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