The more viruses change, the more they stay the same

Sophos has, right on queue, reported the latest and greatest in viruses and hoaxes for February past.

Nyxem-D was first detected on 18 January and is still gathering momentum, accounting for 9.3% of this month’s reported malware. The email worm uses a variety of pornographic disguises in an attempt to spread and disable security software.

However, this headline-grabbing worm has failed to topple old-timer Netsky-P, which has climbed back to the number one spot after three months in the shadow of Sober-Z, programmed to stop spreading on 6 January 2006. Netsky-P was first detected in March 2004, and has relentlessly blighted unprotected users ever since.

Nyxem, Sober, Netsky. The everyday user doesn’t really care which worm is winning the internal battle, but rather that they are losing the external one.

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