VoIP trappings of success

Skype, that free (and quite secure) voice-over-IP program we all know and love, was purchased by eBay for billions. Niklas Zennstrom & Co., who were previously responsible for peer-to-peer file sharing application KaZaA, made out like bandits, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

Now they are being sued by StreamCast Networks, maker of the Morpheus file-sharing program, for alleged RICO violations.

I can’t help but think this event is fueled by jealousy and contempt. I am a bit suspicious as well – I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon heard that StreamCast is cutting deals with big telcos and media players.


Techdirt summarizes that it is all about the money, and there does seem to be jealousy involved – and maybe breach of contract too.

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