Being remembered for the right reasons

Those who succeed through diligence and perseverance, or rigor, are excellent. Those who stride, appointed or elected, are simply popular. Excellence is hard to ignore, while popularity can fade with the next strong crosswind. Which do you think is a more valuable attainment – setting a standard which your peers recognize and appreciate, or being a byproduct of collective preference?

If you are a motivated individual, bent on making a positive contribution to the world, you already have more than half the battle won. Of course, a little intelligence doesn’t hurt either, but you’ve already got most of what it takes to succeed – and that kind of success will ensure you are remembered for all the right reasons. And if you find yourself tiring of red tape, it may be an additional sign you are on the right path. The bureaucrats in our world seem to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Thanks to Montague Brown, Ph.D., for his insights on the matter.

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