Infamous spammer rumored to be in jail

Techdirt notes that infamous spammer Alan Ralsky is rumored to have been busted and is now behind bars. Furthermore, the talk is he may sing, meaning more arrests could follow.

The chatter is running on this thread at (via Google Groups), as is the skepticism.

It is known that Ralsky was knocked off his spam king perch months ago (after a previous FBI raid), nevertheless, a DOJ press release would help a lot right now.

Skepticism abounded. Maybe for good reason. InfoWorld says Ralsky may not have been arrested afterall.


SpamHaus has made Alan sound like he was doing some pretty bad things, and sending spam through proxies and relays will get you criminal time these days. However, I doubt he would be behind bars for this, so he must have been doing something much worse.

Ryan Pitylak
Pitylak Security

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