Microsoft throwing in the malware towel

Malware attacking Windows computers has become such a big issue that Microsoft itself is suggesting the only solution might be a complete hard drive wipe and OS re-install.

Usually I’d say move to another OS, but in this case I won’t. Anyone who knows their Windows machine well already realizes that a wipe/re-birthing every six months to a year is the only way to keep the machine from slowing to a crawl anyway.

The process which I once endured twice-yearly took roughly four to six hours, depending on apps and the availability of hard wired internet access. I suggest wiping clean by deleting partitions and reformatting. Then install operating system and service packs first, base applications like Office next, and then firewall/anti-virus/anti-spyware. Go after third-party apps to wind things up.

Brew some coffee before you start, and get some nice music or a movie playing. It is a pretty boring, often non-interactive process, so you’ll want some distractions.


notinhnotien7 says:

Are you nuts? I have used Windows, Linux or Mac OS X, and only with Windows that I had to do this. However, I have used Linux and Mac OS X for 75% of web surfing, email checkings and the other 25% on Windows box. The only box that have to wipe out once in a while is Windows even I armed it with good updated antivirus, antispyware and firewall. The effort to keep a Windows box secured is a great challenge and I am not saying it is impossible if you used the better software for web browsing and email checking ( I am using Firefox and Thunderbird). Besides that Switching to another OS is a valid suggestion and I wonder what your points in saying not so.

Maybe nuts, but if you read enough of Spamroll, you will realize I have already preached the switch. Sometimes that is just not realistic, particularly in the enterprise (which the above MS comments refer to).

I am 100% OS X for the desk/road, and 100% Linux (several flavors) server side. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or inclination to learn something new, so I am obliged to provide some minimal advice to that end (even if it is much to my own chagrin).

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