More laptop theft, and more “non-victims”

If there is ever a story that can turn my head, it is data stolen from an educational institution. Throw a laptop full of that data into the mix – it gets even better. Laptop previously seen in a parked car – oh boy. Laptop issued to a Chief Information Officer – you got me. Some political type disclaims that harm has been done – now someone deserves a beating.

What are the chances of such a combination? Uh, it is now 100%.

“We have no evidence to date that personal data were actually retrieved or misused.”

– Vermont State Colleges system Chancellor Robert Clarke

I’m not sure who deserves the stick, Clarke or the CIO.

Someone should have said “We are sorry this happened. The CIO has been put on an undetermined length of leave, while we remove sensitive data from all state issued laptops and put it back on the secure network infrastructure we already built with taxpayer funds. We have personally notified each and every person whose records were on that laptop, and hereby declare that any and all victims of this travesty will be reimbursed in full for any harm that comes to them.”

Almost forgot…”And I accept full responsibility for this gross ineptitude, and promise, on risk of forfeiting my job, that this WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.”

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