Watch your desktop OS popularity level

After years of tried and true service in the backoffice and among the highly technical set, UNIX-like operating systems are tooting high tones on the mainstream desktop. I am sure those historically “in the know,” having tackled Linux, OS X and other flavors for their computing needs, are feeling rather smug right now.

But wait! In the midst of “other” operating systems failure to deliver decent security (and maybe even fail to deliver to the store shelves in one piece), all of a sudden threats to the underdogs are being spoke of everywhere.

Does the newfound popularity make Linux and OS X vulnerable to technical attacks, or simply the target of pundits’ attacks?


J.D. Falk says:

A security hole is just as much of a vulnerability whether anyone is actually using the OS or not. The only difference is whether anyone bothers to find & exploit it.

Boogers R Snot says:

Unix is inherently more secure than Windows because unix has a longer history of working across the net. But that doesn’t mean it’s bulletproof. Nor will it stop a stupid end user from still being stupid while surfing.

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