A novel idea for introduction into data security law

I really wish someone had thought of this sooner, but considering the hands it is in now, I’ll bet we still have a chance to set the course straight.

At the moment, Congress is considering a few bills that would require companies to do what McIntyre did: Notify customers in the event of a security breach.

Who is McIntyre? That would be Dave McIntyre, CEO of Triwest Healthcare. Instead of hiding in a closet after his company was the victim of a huge personal data theft in 2002, letting spokesmeisters churn the bull, the leader directed his company to climb way out on a limb, notifying potential targets of the possibility of identity theft.

The company won an award for their care; while it was from some public relations association, it should have been from Congress in the form of a bill, named appropriately. Of course it is now 2006, and many millions of stolen records later, we are still waiting for the Triwest McIntyre Act. I’ll bet Triwest doesn’t have much of a budget for lobbyists, eh?

Read about McIntyre’s LACK of silly excuses here.

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