AOL quietly flips the paid email switch

AOL has turned on their pay-for-email-delivery service, engineered by Goodmail Systems. You know the one – it was causing a big stink not too long ago.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is still speaking out against the plan, telling folks that the little guy will suffer – little guys like non-profits that AOL already said they’ll give a free ride to.

Of course, the first big guy through was purportedly, which creates a most interesting little circle for the tin foil hat crowd (which is rumored to include the Overstock CEO himself). See, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban has repeatedly voiced his contempt for the company while simultaneously catching email flack for his own stance on net neutrality.

You go figure. I say it is just free markets at work, and everyone should get off their ass and figure out how to stay competitive in a increasingly complex world, and quit their bitching while they are at it.

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