Blog spambots getting smarter

Kathleen Fitzpatrick of Planned Obsolescence notes that blog spambots seem to be getting smarter. Recent trackback spam to one of Ms. Fitzpatrick’s blogs seemed to have extracted information from the site at hand, twisted it around, and sent it back hoping to evade filters. Well, it worked – manual intervention and a keen eye were required to keep it out.

We all know that fighting blog spam is a hassle no matter how good the filters you employ are, but nowadays it is getting a bit trickier. In this case, though, I find some irony. The trackback spam in question was displaying links claiming to be from the University of Virginia, so maybe the spambots are studying there? Ok, that wasn’t so funny. Could Planned Obsolescence be hinting that blog software purveyors will soon be coming out with “new and improved spam filters – upgrade now” announcements? Uh, that attempt was even worse.

Gimme a break – its early.

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