Need advice on a Norton for Mac fix

It is not often I do much at Spamroll besides run my fat trap, but I know of at least two people on the planet that find my diatribes kind of amusing. So if I have garnered even the slightest good faith in the community, maybe someone can help me out.

See, I was reading this piece which says the cocky Mac users better watch out – their security is flying out the door. I am a Mac user, but not quite so cocky, and I have had a problem with Norton Anti-Virus which Symantec literally refuses to help me out with.

When I upgraded from version 9 to version 10, the software added extra LiveUpdate and full disk scan jobs, but failed to delete the previous ones. Two simultaneous jobs used to run, and when full scan was up to bat, it would grind the machine to a halt. So I went into Scheduled Tasks and shut off all the jobs. Now, LiveUpdate and full scan still run, from the mysterious cron job that was never overwritten or deleted in the first place.

Symantec and I exchanged a half-dozen emails over three weeks (they are not very quick to the punch – using “high number of requests” as their excuse). Finally they asked me to resubmit the ticket – yea, right.

If anyone knows where on an OS X machine Norton Anti-Virus (particularly v9) stores its scheduled tasks, please let me know. I’d love to get those strays deleted.


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