Spam scoring and other such fun

Stephen Jau has posted a nice tutorial on how to automate SpamCop submissions. It’s worth a read for you client side users, especially if you are getting a little lazy about reporting samples.

There is also a selfish motive here, as the server I get regular email though checks the SpamCop RBL, and SpamCop is always good for a few points. As if I needed them…

This latest email to hit my junk folder scored a whopping 25.3 (for those just tuning in, it usually takes around a 5.0 to get dropped):

Need some love pi11s? So, why go to your local dr@gstore? Why waste time and extra money? Why let people know about your intimate life? Evil-wishers are always around to spread rumors. We give you the issue! Make a quick, secure and ABSOLUTELY CONFIDENTIAL purchase online and receive your LICENSED love life enhancer right to your door! No privacy exposure, no time wasted, no exorbitant pri$es! Start a super life now! http://[urldeleted].com/ Our store is VERIFIED BY BBB! All transactions are APPROVED BY VISA!

Thanks goes out to SpamCop, Spamhaus and the half dozen other blacklists my ISP’s mail server is checking.

Or did we just catch a real amateur this time?

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